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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Post 545 - Australian Cast - Return To The Forbidden Planet LP

Return to the Forbidden Planet is a Jukebox musical by playwright Bob Carlton based on Shakespeare's The Tempest and the 1950s science fiction film Forbidden Planet (which itself drew its plot loosely from The Tempest). It was billed as Shakespeare's forgotten rock and roll masterpiece.  Captain Tempest and his fearless crew journey into hyperspace...and beyond! This winner of the 1990 Olivier Award for Best Musical bursts with rock and roll hits, including "Great Balls of Fire”, "Good Vibrations”, “Teenager in Love", "The Young Ones" and "The Monster Mash".  The Australian version of “Return To The Forbidden Planet” (TVD 93354) was recorded Live at the Theatre Royal in Sydney. Cast members were Rory O’Donoghue, D.J.Foster, Tony Harvey, Jacqui Hall, Glen Hogstrom, Jonathon Maher, Julie Mullins, Rodney Dobson, Elliott Wiolshier, Tina Harris, Tom Lycos and George Washingmachine. The LP was produced by David Jacobsen in 1991 for ATA Records. I ask Rory O’Donoghue what he remembered about the show and he said…”It was rather a forgettable time Garry and a very strange show. From memory I believe it was “Young Girl" I sang but not sure what else is on LP”.


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greg darcy said...

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