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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Post 550 - Tom - Tom - Legend Of The Phantom - Phantom

Very little is known about this single by “Tom –Tom”, in 1981 released this one and only single “Legend Of The Phantom” b/w “Phantom” (13127), also in 1981 released the same single under the name of Mr.Walker. The song was penned by Tom Moeller which I assume might be the singer on the record. It was also released on Tom – Tom Records. I’ve only seen this on EBay once and it went for big dollars. Thanks to Peter for lending me his single to post on the Blog.


Wayne Davidson said...

This used to be played on the country radio station I listened to as a kid. It's so good. Unfortunately I never gopt as single of it, but I'm very grateful that I can hear it again via your blog. Thanks.

steve52 said...

If memory serves correct, Tom Moeller was in Unit 4+2 (Concrete and Clay) - all of whom moved to Sydney in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

I remember buying this 45 solely because of the topic/label - like Wayne above will be glad to hear it again (even searched You Tube etc. previously) Cheers JohnG