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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Post 551 - The Ormsby Brothers - The Ormsby Brothers LP

Following Post #549 I thought it only appropriate to put this LP on the Blog. The Ormsby Brothers only released one LP which won them the 1973 Easy Listening Vocal; Award by the Australian Federation of Commercial Broadcasters.  The latter part of the year was made up of T.V. and live appearances all over the country with the highlight being part of the first concert presented at the Sydney Opera House. The brothers were not contracted to a record company at the end of 1977; they had plans of putting together another album but are far as I can find out it never happen. I think it a bit strange that out of all my Australian books on Aussie music the only one that list The Ormsby Brother is Noel McGrath’s “Australian Encyclopaedia Of Rock. I have found this with a few bands/singers from time to time.  I can tell you this book now is in pieces I’ve used it so much and I’ve never found another to replace my battered version.  Here to download is there only LP from 1973 “The Ormsby Brothers” (EMC 2509) for EMI and produced by Peter Dawkins with arrangements by Mike Perjanik and engineered by John Taylor and Richard Lush. "UPDATE"
It’s always nice to get good feedback on the Blog and when it’s from an artist themselves it’s a real pleasure. Adrian Ormsby left some nice comments on the 2 posts of their material.   I recently received a detailed, personal email from him telling me so much more than any of the books. So if anyone is chasing particular details don't hesitate to contact me.


AussieRock said...

Hey Gary
I have McGrath's Encyclopedia also and it too is in pieces. The publishers 'Outback Press' must have skimped on the binding glue when they printed this one hey!
Thanks for the Ormsby Brothers LP and singles
Cheers AussieRock

Adrian said...

Hello Music Man, thanks for the good job on this scoop, I am Adrian the youngest of the original Ormsby Brothers, now living in the US. We did do a second album but it only got to the acetate stage, never released included a single we produced titled "Bad Day for Love", we loved the song but somehow it didn't take off with the radio stations etc. Enjoyed the time together with my brothers and Peter Dawkins and Mike Perjankik, they were real pro's, was amazing in their recording studio. The Opera House performance was also a highlight, the images on the back of our album were taken at the very performance. Amazingly I never got nervous in front of the big lights on stage, when you love it nothing bothers you I guess. I still love to sing with my kids, play them our vinyl (yes, I still have it, and they get a kick out of listening to it) and I know my oldest brother Neville still sings for fun. Let us know if you want a reunion some time, would love to join in. I was not aware of Peter's Dawkins fund raiser several years ago until well after the fact (I'm in the US so they probably couldn't find me, somehow my brothers didn't know about it either and they're still in Australia) but had we known we would have been there for sure. Loved that guy. Drop me a note if you need any more information (

Kal Jakab said...

Hi Music Man & thanks for providing a decent version of "You don't own me" for download. I have the song on a CD compilation called "Complete Seventies (Disc 3 1973-1975)which I bought new from JB Hi-Fi some years ago.The disc has been out of the case exactly twice - first to transfer it to iTunes & then to play it through my home stereo rig which includes a fairly high-end CD player.In both instances the sound quality was truly awful - to the point that I can't listen to it. It sounds as though the entire song was being played through a distortion pedal. Dreadful. Everything else on the CD sounds fine.Many thanks again, Kal.

Frank Calabrese said...

Hi Kal,

May I suggest the reason why your CD rip of You Don't Own Me sounded so distorted is because the CD in Question was "Copyright Protected" to prevent unauthorised copying. As for playing through your Stereo it's because a lot of CD's mastered during that period were mastered loud so they would sound good in cheap and nasty CD boom boxes.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Janet Ormsby - mother of the Ormsby brothers- was my children's Kindergarten teacher at Kurrajong East public NSW. The most dedicated teacher, gentle attentive nurturer, she was a true educator, her love & enjoyment of literacy was truly shared with her young students.
I was under the opinion that the brothers,put aside their music to undertake a period of time with a church ministry?
When Mrs Ormsby retired, & moved back to NZ, the public school system lost an asset they could never replace.
The Ormbsy brother were fortunate to have an inspiring mother!

Gary Turner said...

I interviewed these boys some years ago. I also have the Noel's book which has been a great reference during my radio career and often see Noel. Sony/BMG released an album in 2006 titled 'For Pete's Sake' featuring tracks that Peter Dawson produced like The Ormsby Bros, Ross Ryan, John Farnham etc. Great artists like Moir Sisters, Ormsby Bros, CCS, Kenny, Zoot, Blue Swede etc appear on the EMI album One Hit Wonders The Seventies 7243 5 20204 2 3. See my FACEBOOK page garyturnermusictrivia

Gary Turner said...

Can be contacted (Gary Turner)