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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Post 667 - The Eighty Eights Singles Collection

The Eighty Eights were formed in Newcastle in 1979. The band consisted of Larry Van Kriedt (vocals, guitar), Maurice D’Abruzzo (vocals, guitar), Kent Jackson (bass) and John Bartram (drums). Van Kriedt’s claim to fame was that he was the original bass player for AC/DC in late 1973 and early 1974. They signed with the small Result label in 1980, and released their debut single “She Fell in Love With James Bond” , followed by the EP “Live Pop”. The singles “Don’t Call Us”, “Time Machine”, and the LP “Top of the World” followed.  Here to download are all three singles and the Live E.P. Thanks to Bruce for the E.P. Flac 

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Tony Francis said...

Cheer Ozzie - good fun band who probably should have had more success. I did my bit and played James Bond quite a bit at the disco's I DJed :-)