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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Post 670 - Tiffani Wood - What R U Waiting 4 - The Mirror - U & I - What R U Waiting 4 (Instrumental)

Tiffani Wood was born on the 8th of November 1977 in Newcastle. She developed an interest in performing from a young age and enrolled into jazz dancing classes where she would eventually also assist teaching younger students. At age 12, Wood's mother Judy encouraged her to take up singing by joining the Young Talent Time talent school. Her teachers quickly noticed her natural singing talent and at age 15, placed her into a show troupe "The Young Stars" which performed at various venues around New South Wales. During this three-year stint, Wood had her first experience of recording for an album and performing solo in front of large crowds, her biggest being the opening of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel where she performed in front of over 20,000 people. During her schooling years, she entered and won numerous talent quests and played the lead vocal role in her 1994 school musical Murder in the Music Hall. She completed her Higher School Certificate in 1995, her highest mark being eighty-five per cent in music and at the age of 18, became the lead singer of a cover band "Quiver". They performed a wide range of songs including Tracy Chapman, Pearl Jam, Shania Twain, Alanis Morissette, 80's rock and more and Wood recorded original songs with the band. She then moved to Sydney where she enrolled in the Australian Institute of Music choosing vocal as her major, which she completed successfully, and joined another cover band "The Anthill Mob". In late 1999, at the age of 22, Wood auditioned for the first Australian series of Pop stars, a reality television show which aimed to produce a new girl group. After selections for the group were finalized by the judges, she just missed out. However, after original member Chantelle Barry was forced out of the group in controversial circumstances, Wood was selected to replace her as the fifth member of the band, now known as Bardot. Like former Bardot band mate Sophie Monk, Wood signed a solo recording contract with Warner Music and changed her name from Tiffany Wood to Tiffani Wood in order to avoid confusion with the 1980s American pop star Tiffany. The debut single, "What R U Waiting 4" (5046719222) re-introduced Wood back into the music scene, marketed as an organic, light pop-rock singer (similar to the likes of Michelle Branch, Alanis Morissette etc.). The track debuted at No.27 on the ARIA singles chart on 22 March 2004 and was one of the most-played songs on Australian radio in that month. In December 2005, Wood publicly announced her engagement to UK born bouncer Neil Cummins, and the couple married on 28 January 2007. Photos from their wedding featured in OK! magazine. She later gave birth to their first child, Lillian Adel. The couple have since separated and were divorced in May 2009. Flac

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