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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Post 679 - Andy Armstrong - Before I Forget....

Andy Armstrong was a teenager in Adelaide when he cut his first LP “At Last” in 1969. While working with the band “Loveday Carter” in 1970 he met Gary Saunders and Daryl Webb and asked if they'd be interested in working with him on some of his own songs. The result was “Perspective Works”, which came out in 1972 and is full of beautiful musicianship and poetic lyrics. Armstrong cut one further LP in 1979 titled “Before I Forget” (OP 3002) The LP features Phil Cunneen (keyboards), Dean Birbeck (drums), Graham Conlen (acoustic and electric guitars) and Geoff Kluke (acoustic and electric bass)  well  highly regarded musicians one and all, they all support Andy’s vocals and acoustic guitar throughout this record. The album was recorded at Pepper Studios by John McDiamid who also collaborated with Andy on production. Most of the songs on this album were written a few years before its release, more like 1972 than 1979. All the songs were penned by Andy except tracks 5 & 8. Thanks again to Rex for sending me this LP and yes another I did not know about and again well worth a listen. Flac 


AussieRock said...

I'll have a nibble mate

Thanks to you and Rex

cheers AR

rex norman said...

Andy certainly knew how to write a good song or two, Seabirds is a knockout. Hope to hunt down his first album. Very nice work on cleaning up the record Ozzie!