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Friday, 5 June 2009

Post 110 - Delaney/Venn - Neon Heart LP

Formed in 1978 this electric pop band released 3 singles and an L.P. between '79 and '80. The band was made up of Michael Delaney vocals/guitar, Chris Venn vocals/guitar, Paul Wheeler (ex Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Band Of Talabene, MacKenzie Theory) bass, Chris Raggett (ex Matt Finish) guitar and Tony Doyle on drums, who has performed with bands such as Clockwork Strawberry, The Pirates and Wendy Saddington Band. This Tony Doyle actually replaced Tony Doyle (Savanna Silver Band). The second single "Prisoner" has Marcia Hines belting out backing vocals and Doug Rowe (ex Flying Circus, Grand Junction, Woodpickers) on guitar. Other musos on this album were Terry & MonaLisa Young, Lori Balmer, Gary Fredericks (ex Stuart Park), John Sammers (ex Outline) and Phil Rigger (ex Outline). Here for download is their one and only album out of 1980 on Leo Records "Neon Heart" (6437 132) produced by Tony Spencer.

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