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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Post 116- Ol' 55 - The Vault LP

This was Ol' 55's 5th LP recorded for Leo Records between February and September 1980. The album released their eighth single a cover of Lou Christie's "Two Faces Have I" which went as high as #15 on the national charts. The personnel for this recording were Pat Drummond guitar, Rock Pile vocals/guitar, Bob Drummond guitar, Terry Bellew bass, Doug Martin drums on 4 tracks and Geoff Plummer drumming on the other 9. Michael Delaney did the backing vocals on "Who Put The Bomp". A second single from "The Vault" "Anywhere The Girls Are" hit the charts in December but Ol' 55 split soon after. Here is "The Vault" (2907 501) for you to download another great LP never as yet to see CD.


Hagar said...

Love this band

Deutros said...

Thanks for this Ozzie. I wonder what it is that downloaders don't like to leave a comment on a blog but you can get 10 comments about this album over at Midoztouch.

Badger said...

Far be it for me not to leave a comment, so I'll happily thank you for making this recording available! Always loved their version of Two Faces Have I, and trying to locate it has been a real bugger till now!

So Mr Ozzie, thank you, very much appreciated!!!

Doug Parker said...

Hey Ozzie. This album has been one of those that has eluded myself and family for a long time. I have the tape and my brother inlaw has the record. No tape player anymore so the tape is just gathering dust. On the phone with my sister yesterday, it seams there's a few of us including our kids that want this album. So thank you so much for making it available.
Be good to see a search in your blog.

Ozzie Music Man said...

Hi Doug thanks for the comments there is a lot of Ol' 55 on the Blog and you can search at the top of the page for whats on here.

Pieter Hoevers said...

Hi Ozzie,
great to see all theses albums listed on here Particulary the Vault Album, I used to work for tandy electronics and had this ALBUM IN THE STORE TO HELP SELL OUR STEREOS AND , MAN IT SOLD A LOT OF STEREOS BACK THEN.
there is no download on the site can you make it available, have been looking for years for the cd

Garry Ryan said...

Hi Pieter just click on the header it will take you to the download