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Friday, 5 June 2009

Post 109 - The Hot Mamas - Eagle Rock / Eagle Rock

Not an Australian post this time but I still thought it appropriate The Hot Mamas were an American attempt in 1972 to cash in on the success of Daddy Cool's classic "Eagle Rock". When I came upon this single in a second hand record store I grab it because it was on Robie Porter's Sparmac label (as was Daddy Cool's ) and produced by Porter so I thought it had to be Aussie (the second time I've be caught with Sparmac releasing an American artist on it's label). Anyhow after going through book after book and surfing the net for hours nothing could be found on this band, so I thought there's only one man that might know the answer seeing he wrote the song, so I emailed Ross Wilson and this it the response I got....hi Garry,

All I can tell you about that single is that it was produced by Daddy Cool's producer Robie Porter.  DC's version of Eagle Rock had a good shot in the US & was a hit in a few places but after it failed to make the national chart i think Robie thought he'd have another shot with the song by cutting an American version.  All the players were well known session musicians & i believe that James Burton (Elvis's guitarist) played guitar & that Clydie king was lead vocalist, but it was all done very quickly and in my opinion didn't turn out very well.  Hot Mummas / Daddy Cool - an unsubtle play on words - it was released in Australia & bombed here too.
Stay cool,  Ross
So there you have it in a nut shell, and I must say I agree with Ross not the best cover of this song and in my opinion of all the covers I've heard of "Eagle Rock" none yet have come close to the original. But you might like it we are all different after all. So here for you to have a listen to (and please tell me what you think in the comment box) are The Hot Mamas "Eagle Rock" b/w "Eagle Rock" (SPR-017)


Deutros said...

Hi Ozzie have to say I didn't mind it but here in OZ it did have to compete with the original classic so it didn't stand a chance.

AussieRock said...

I gave it a try too Ozzie and I agree with Deutros - what were they thinking? How could anyone possibiliy think that it might compete with the original'classic' OZ version.
Bit like having a 'diet coke' when you can have the real thing!
Still interesting to know that this alternative release was made.

IAN WRIGHT said...

The Hot Mamas weren't ! It sucks !!!