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Friday, 19 June 2009

Post 117 - The Ferrets - Are You Looking At Me / Holloway

In early 1975 The Ferrets came together in Sydney. They were Billy Miller, Ken Firth and Dave Springfield who put the band on hold while they joined the final version of Buster Brown. When Buster Brown split in November '75 Phillip Eisenberg joined the others and The Ferrets moved to Melbourne. The band came to the attention of Ian "Molly" Meldrum who introduced the band to ex Zoot drummer Rick Brewer who joined in April '76. Miller’s sisters Jane Miller and Pam Miller also joined and now they were a seven-piece band. After getting them signed to Mushroom Records the band went into the studio to work on an album. The first single "Robin Hood" was not successful but the follow up "Don't Fall In Love" made #1 in Melbourne and #3 nationally. The Ferrets' d├ębut album was a concern at Mushroom Records as Meldrum had not organised an album cover, a white hand stamped cardboard sleeve was issued with a promise of the album artwork to follow! Their follow up single "Janie May" reached #19 in Melbourne, and the long awaited album cover depicted a model holding a snarling ferret on her shoulder. The next single to come in 1978 was "Are You Looking At Me" b/w "Holloway" (K-7094) was not successful with Jane Miller and Ken Faith leaving the band shortly after. This single never made it onto the follow up album "Fame At Any Price." Here to download is that single and it's B side written by Jane Miller, which we say in our opinion is far better than the A side.


AussieRock said...

Hey Ozzie
Side A - "Are You Looking At Me" sounds a little like 'The Seeds' and Side B - Holloway conjurers up images of Skyhooks on speed !
Not their best releases I'm afraid to say, but still interesting to hear.

Unknown said...

Any idea what Pam and Jane are doing with themselves nowadays, i knew them as a kid in both St.kilda and North Caulfield namely in Halstead street?
I wondered what has been going on with them both for ages as they were cool as with a 6-7yo coming over all the time.