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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Post 259 - Issy Di - Family Full Of Soul / I'm Your Tiger

Issy Di or Issy Dy or Issy Dye depending on what book, record or web site you look at is one of Australia’s leading original cabaret stars, with over 40 years in showbiz. With all the experience of a seasoned TV & stage performer and dealing with 100’s of clubs/casino’s and concerts, Issy runs one of the most professional & diverse entertainment agencies in the country. In the 1960's Issy appeared on Television programs like Bandstand, Kommotion, The GO! Show and Uptight. In late 1969 Issy had his first hit song with "Incense" and moved into the 1970's as a regular presenter and performer on the "Happening 70s" TV Show. This continued for three years. During the 1970s. Here to download is his 1971 single on Festival "Family Full Of Soul" b/w "I'm Your Tiger" (FK-4300). The B side was written by Johnny Young and being a Lewis/Young Production I would assume Johnny Young produced this single and the B side. All I can say is that Johnny (or who ever produced it) was doing some serious experimentation with the sound, have a listen and see if it sounds psychedelic to you. I'm not sure how many singles and if any LP's Issy recorded as all my books and internet sites have no discography on him.


Hingehead said...

I have one track by Issy 'Love itis' from the 'Antipodean Atrocities' compilation by Glenn A. Baker and Bob Hudson.

Great in a truly awful way. Beat poem that you'd swear was a piss take because it's so try hard cool. Australia always was five years behind the rest of the world.

Ken Cusack said...

Issy Di was the figurehead of the first jeans shop in Australia - Just Jeans in December 1970. Their first shop was at 111 Chapel St Windsor (Prahran) in inner Melbourne. My Dad had the butcher shop next door at 109. I met Issy several times in the store. My Dad made the comment that a shop that only sold blue canvas looking pants will go broke in 3 months !!!
Sorry Dad !!! kkmss22 at gmail com.

jamie said...

Thanks for the issy single.
It didn't ring a bell till I played it!! Must have seen it on Happening 70 [?] as it wasn't a hit here in Sydney.
Not bad either!!