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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Post 264 - 4 From Bandstand EP

Bandstand was an Australian musical variety TV show which screened from November 1958 to 1972. It was produced at the studios of TCN-9 in Sydney and eventually became a national program as Nine Network expanded into other Australian cities in the early 1960s. Bandstand was created by Nine executive Bruce Gyngell, who based it on the American show of a similar name, American Bandstand. The host for virtually the entire run of the series was Brian Henderson, who was also the chief newsreader for TCN-9 in Sydney. The series is closely associated with the group of performers who regularly appeared on the show, and became known as The Bandstand Family. This included Col Joye, Little Pattie, Janice Slater, Warren Williams, Lucky Starr, Sandy Scott, Bryan Davies, Johnny Devlin, Laurel Lee, Judy Stone, Digby Richards, The Bee Gees and Olivia Newton-John. Here to download is a sampler record from Brian Henderson's mail pack "4 From Bandstand" EP (MP 001) released on Festival Records in 1963. An attempt was made by the Nine Network to revive the show in the mid 1970s under the title Bandstand '76, with new host Daryl Somers. But the format was far from successful, and was soon axed. A big thank you goes out to Christine for lending us this record to put on our Blog.

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