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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Post 260 - Ignatius Jones - Whispering Your Name / It's No Reason

Way back on post #83 there was a comment left asking did we have Ignatius Jones's other single "Whispering Your Name" which was a cover of the Alison Moyet song. At that stage we didn't but we always make a note of what people are looking for. If we happen to come across it we will grab it. This is one of those times. Here to download is the 1983 recording of "Whispering Your Name" b/w "It's No Reason" (7-259943) on WEA Records. The B side is a Steve Kilbey song and the single was produced by Chris Gilbey.

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Dr. Keats said...

"It's No Reason" was the first single off The Church's third album, "Seance" in 1983...