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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Post 275 - Carol Lloyd Band - The Singles

Carol Lloyd left Railroad Gin in August '75 for a solo career. She put together the band Tonnage, soon to become the Carol Lloyd Band. They released the LP "Mother Asleep At The Wheel" for EMI which produced two singles "Storm In My Soul" b/w "Blue MacKenzie" (EMI-11121) Dec. '76 produced by Colin Peterson, and "All The Good Things" b/w "Don't Do Me Any Favours" (EMI-11248) non album track, May '77 produced by Mike Vidale & Clive Shakespeare. She issued a solo LP in 1980 "Take It Or Leave It" which released the single "Take It Or Leave It" b/w "Naked City" (103711) produced by Colin Peterson & Peter Jones for RCA. Here to download are all those singles. These days Carol Lloyd is justifiably proud of what she achieved during those years with Railroad Gin and The Carol Lloyd Band. She has more than earned her place in Australian rock history. Thanks to Peter for these singles.


Nowornever said...

The Railroad Gin single (which is hard to get) "You Told the World" is now available on the compilation CD "Boppin' the Blues, Aussie Pop of the 70's Vol 3" -

70sBrissieBoy said...

wish i could score an mp3 of "Storm In My Soul", and also Moonlights' "Moonlight Lady". funny how the selling of those hundreds of singles in the 80's has come back to haunt me..

70sBrissieBoy said...

IGNORE previous post. ozzie, you r a legend!!!