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Friday, 16 July 2010

Post 277 - Autumn - Mr.Henry's Lollipop Shop / Today

In 1969 Autumn were able to impress EMI sufficiently to be able to record their debut single "Mr Henry's Lollipop Shop", which came out on EMI's Columbia late in the year. It's apparent that, like most new bands of that period, Autumn was probably not given much say in what they recorded, and EMI certainly had a track record of foisting ultra-poppy material on new bands, as evidenced by the bubblegum material that their label mates The Flying Circus was obliged to record for their first two Singles. The single didn't chart, and EMI didn't pick up the option for further recordings. Autumn then switched to a newly established Sydney independent label Chart, a move that proved timely for the band. Autumn's first single for Chart was a cover of Christie's "Yellow River". Autumn released three more singles on Chart. "Looking Through the Eyes of a Beautiful Girl" Nov. 1970 was a major hit in Sydney, where it reached #3, and it made #23 nationally. It was followed by the catchy "She Works in a Woman's Way", originally recorded by Edison Lighthouse. On this track, Autumn acted as the backing band for popular Sydney TV and cabaret singer Dave Allenby. It charted well in Sydney in '71. Their final single for Chart was "Miracles" b/w "Lady Anne", issued in March 1971. It was followed by their debut LP Song to Raymondo. The album is a collection of hits, covers and originals that indicates the eclectic nature of the group's repertoire. During the second half of 1971 Autumn released an EP "A Patch Of Autumn" (post #242) followed by their hugely underrated second album "Comes Autumn". (which Aztec Music will be reissuing very soon) Their first Warner single,” Falling" in May 1971 became their fourth hit, reaching #10 in Sydney. Their next single "Goblin's Gamble" in July and their last Warners single "Just Couldn't Believe It" in September both failed to chart. Here to download is their first recording "Mr.Henry's Lollipop Shop" b/w "Today" (DO-8907) produced by Mike Perjanik. Autumn also featured on one side of a Chart EP shared with Levi Smith's Clefs, called The Best of Whisky A-Go-Go. This rare EP is now a very collectable item, and copies in mint condition fetch around $200 on eBay.

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Deutros said...

Thanks Ozzie an underated band releases like this didn't show the actual talent as can be seen when they did some live spots on GTK I saw them a few times live great band nice post.