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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Post 276 - Jim Keays' Southern Cross - Undecided / For Someone

Keays formed Jim Keays' Southern Cross with Rick Brewer (ex-Zoot) on drums, Rex Bullen (Bakery) on keyboards, George Cross (Clydehouse) on bass and Mick Elliot on guitar. They reworked, "Undecided" which was issued as a single for CBS Records in December 1975, by then the line up had changed to Peter Laffy ( Fox) on guitar, Ron Robinson on bass guitar and John Swan (Fraternity) on drums. Here to download is that single recorded for CBS "Undecided" b/w 'For Someone" (BA 22188). Thanks to Micko for helping us out with this rare find. Mrs. Ozzie is forever in your debt.


AussieRock said...

Brilliant! Just love Jim Keays work
Another rare gem in the bank - thanks Ozzie's (and Micko)

Deutros said...

I grabbed this as well Ozzie can't have enough Jim Keays also downloaded the Carol Lloyd and Moscos and Stone singles thanks mate.

kami said...

i remember seeing jim do this on countdown. took me years to work out what it was and who it was because i'd taped it (cassette player in front of the tv) but never wrote down who was on each episode... and of course always cut out the talking!!