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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Post 278 - Mr George - On The Bandwagon LP

Here's another one of those Aussie bands that we can't find a lot of information about. Formed in Sydney in 1973, releasing 3 singles and 1 LP and here for you to download is "On The Bandwagon" (6357 019) on Philips Records in 1974. The band included Alan Daniels - guitar, George Fisher - bass, Norm Irwin - vocals, Richard Kett - drums, Barry Rice - guitar and Jackie Rice - vocals. According to the 5th edition of The Who's Who Of Australian Rock these members didn't come from any other band or didn't go to any other band, so it looks like Mr. George was their only project. Apart from the Ted Mulry written hit "So Much Love In My Heart", there's also another Ted Mulry song "My Temperature's High". Also included in this album is a cover of Otis Redding's classic "Dock Of The Bay". The band also contribute several original songs. The album was recorded at United Sound Sydney and produced by Rod Thomas. One of Mr. George's greatest claims to fame is that they were support for the David Cassidy tour here in the early 70's. Maybe some of the band members or their friends of band members may see this post and contact us with some more information on the band. As we have found out in the past, you just don't know who's checking you out in cyber space.
Blog Update: We have received a great comment from George Fisher's son Jamie. You can read this by clicking the comment below. Thanks Jamie for your input, it is much appreciated.


Jamie said...


It's great to know that someone out there still remembers the band. They've recently been featured on a couple of volumes of Australian Pop Of The 70s (On The Prowl Vol. 2 & Boppin' The Blues Vol. 3).

The music means a lot to me as I grew up listening to it a lot. My Dad was George Fisher (the bass player for Mr. George) and sadly he passed away on 12 June 2009.

Dad was one of my greatest influences as a bass player in my own right. It also felt very natural when I collaborated with Paul Daniels (son of Alan, lead guitarist) a few years ago.

Jackie Rice produced a solo single with the songs Leave It Alone & I Only Need A Friend on M.O. Records in the early 1980s

Other than that, I don't what the other members are doing. I will pass on this blog and see what happens.

Jamie Fisher

Diane said...

Hi jamie my name is roland and i worked with your dad on the railways in the 70's at the height of Mr george's popularity. My wife to be at the time, Diane also worked wth your father and knew him well. We are very sorry to hear of his passing. That period in our lives brings back so many fond memories ........ regards roland and diane cameron.

greekcafe said...

Hi my name is Pete Foerster. I played drums with Mr George 1978-79. I'm so sorry to hear of Georges' passing. He was a great guy and a fantastic bass player.
Hi to Jackie, Barry, Al, Norm and Phil. I had a great time playing with you guys....Take care. Pete

3D said...

I interviewed Barry & Alan back in 1996 for a Radio Documentary. It was extracted from an old audio tape so my apologies for the poor quality.

Stas59 said...

Local station 4KQ has is doing one of their ANZAC long weekends and So Much Love (In My Heart) came on and brought back nice memories of my teenage years. Shazam couldn't recognise the song so I had to do some searching to get details. What a great song, thank you so much for offering the opportunity to listen to the Bandwagon LP. World class Australian music.

Mark Driver said...

Hi Jamie. My name is Mark Driver and I knew your dad very well as I spent many years in the 70's working with him on the Railways.
Sorry to here of your dads passing as he was a great guy. I had gone to some of his rehearsals at a house where the walls vibrated from the volume level of the amplifiers of the band. I purchased the bands first album and followed him to many gigs where Mr George was performing at.
I also came out to your mum and dads one night for dinner with my wife Leeanne. I eventually got the music bug and played the Club circuit for 30 years. After having a break for 4 years I now have another band and enjoying the music once again. I guess once a musco always a musco and it stays in the blood for life.
Your dad did perform on a morning show back in the 70s with the band and I think they played "lazy Susan"
It's probably in the tv archives but not sure what network or what morning show it was. If I find out I can let you know
Cheers Mark and Leeanne

garry said...

Hi, my name is Garry. I knew vocalist Norm Irwin back then. We grew up together in Glebe. He'd been in a great '60s Sydney Band Him and the Others.. Love to get in touch if anybody knows where he is these days.

Neville Smith said...

Hi my name is Nev Smith, i am a keyboard player who worked with George at a club in Campsie for some time, great player and a nice guy. I cant think of the band name,but it was in the late 80's.