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Monday, 11 June 2012

Post 432 - The 7 Team Supporters - The Parramatta Song / The Kangaroo's March

I don't remember where I picked this record up and I have no idea who are The 7 Team Supporters are but after playing it, it seems to be the theme song for the Parramatta Eels football team and seeing it's footy season I thought it was fitting to post. The single was released in 1975 on 7 Records but has no producer or writer for the A side, which by the way the tune is to Click Go The Sheers. The B side was penned by C. Neal but other than that there is no other info on this single that we can find. So if you're a Eels fan; here to download is that single from '75 "The Parramatta Song" b/w "The Kangaroo's March" (MS-063).

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rockindoc said...

Thanks -have downloaded it for a Parra fan