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Monday, 11 June 2012

Post 433 - Pauline Pantsdown - I Don't Like It / Pauline's Nightmare

Pauline Pantsdown, is an Australian satirist and Australian Senate candidate who parodied Pauline Hanson, a controversial former member of federal parliament, in 1997. His birth name was Simon Hunt, but he changed his name by deed poll so that he would appear on the electoral ballot as Pauline Pantsdown; it was later changed back to Simon Hunt. Hunt is the son of David Hunt, a retired Chief Judge at Common Law of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Pantsdown is a drag queen whose taste in fashion parodies Hanson's, and is best known for the songs "Backdoor Man" and "I Don't Like It". The song "Backdoor Man" was a huge hit on the youth radio network Triple J after its release in 1997, being played almost hourly due to a massive number of requests. Here to download is the 1998 single "I Don't Like It" b/w "Pauline's Nightmare" (TWAS478). The song was written, edited, produced and dressed in trashy drag by Pauline Pantsdown for TWA Records. Pantsdown performed a remixed version of "I Don't Like It" at the 2011 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Party during Bob Downe's 'Retro-Gras' DJ set just days before Hanson announced her candidacy in the 2011 NSW state election. Pauline Pantsdown made an appearance at the 1998 Homebake live music festival, complete with apparently gay half-naked Asian dancers. He suffered the indignity of being booed and pelted with objects and later claimed "Homophobia is alive and well in Sydney".

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