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Monday, 11 June 2012

Post 434 - The Record Bandits - Hands Off / They're Closing Down The Import Shops

We found this little gem in a record shop in America. How it got there?, good question! I first heard the song from a friend Tony F. when I asked Tony about it he said he thought Keith Glass and Company Caine had something to do with it. So we got in contact with Keith Glass and this is what he had to say.....
"yeah I put that together and mainly sing the 'Hands Off' side with some help from members of Company Caine and Graeme Lowndes - the other side is John Powers/Gully and Graeme on vocs - I wrote "Hands Off" and David Pepperell "Closing Down" - well, the lyrics anyway - at the time shops like ours were getting a lot of heat from the record companies re trademark violations causing legal fines and bans on some vinyl imports (that is why it is on the Columbo label, as in Columbia - a little joke) - we forced all the shops listed to take 25 copies each - I think some never paid us and/or thought the record sucked - which I still don't think it does!"
Here to download is that single "Hands Off" b/w "They're Closing Down The Import Shops" (COL 000-Z). I talked with Keith for a bit this morning and he believes it was released around 74/75. Thank again Keith! We really appreciate your input.

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