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Monday, 18 June 2012

Post 436 - Campfire Sing-Along EP

This EP was a sampler and was only available through Host Holbrook, and was from the LP "Campfire Sing-A-Long" a Rex All Star release. It features Dig Richards, Noeline Batley, Kerry Bryant and The Graduates. All we can find out about the year is that one site said 64/65 so we're not real sure there. Here to download is the EP "Campfire Sing-Along" (HOLB-1) released on Rex Records.


rockindoc said...

Did a quick Google search - tracks were recorded in April 1960 = Leon Isackson has listed all the tracks he played on from the late 50s, and, sure enough - tracks from this EP are listed. Rex had a short life throughout 1960- was the try-out label for Festival artists. The EP could of course have been held back or re-released

Many thanks for your ongoing contributions


Micko said...

Hi Ozzie

Now this IS a nice little pick-up. Thanks a bunch guys.

As JohnG said, Rex only existed for a short time in 1960 & Screensound confirm that this was released in that year

c.destructo said...

Hey guys, I'm selling a test L.p. and the e.p. on ebay if you or someone else you know is interested.