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Monday, 2 July 2012

Post 439 - Nola Francis - Delta Dawn / Bird On The Wire

We couldn't find much about Nola Francis on the net or in books, this seems to be the only single she recorded in 1973 for Fable Records. The single was produced by Peter Jones and Graham Owens recorded at Bill Armstrong Studios in Melbourne. Here to download is that single "Delta Dawn" b/w "Bird On The Wire" (FB-183).


Micko said...

Thanks for this one Ozzie.

I'd be surprised if this was Nola's only recording as this single co-charted at #4 in Melbourne with the original by Helen Reddy

She was actually discovered on the TV talent show New Faces, and perhaps a Fable record contract was the prize as it was for many other acts like Liv Maessen, John Williamson & Franciscus Henri But I certainly can see no further Fable releases. A most interesting one this Ozzie..I'm onto it LOL

Oh & thanks again for this

Billie James said...

Hi guys..! this is Nola Francis..aka Billie James..alive and still kicking and working in the USA...actually I'm a resident. May come home in a couple of years, but who knows. Thanks for the comments and I can be reached at the following...

love to down under...