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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Post 443 - Vince Butchelli - Heartbreak Hotel / Boogalie-Ooo

Interesting post this one...We had a nice email from someone asking if we knew a song that his Mother & Father had when he was a child. It was to the tune of Heartbreak Hotel and by what he thought was Sydney or Melbourne DJ Vince someone. I must admit I didn't have a clue, so we put the word out to all my contacts and within a few hours mystery solved.
The single was released by Melbourne radio personality Ric Melbourne and charted in Melbourne in 1976. It was released under the pseudonym of Vince Butchelli who was one of the characters that Melbourne used in his breakfast radio program on 3DB in Melbourne. Vince Butchelli was purported to be an Italian immigrant, and obviously the single was released in far more politically incorrect times. The single charted for 9 weeks in Melbourne in mid-1976, reaching a peak of number 15. It reached as high as number 43 in the Sydney charts late 1976, but didn’t chart anywhere else in Australia. Here to download is that single "Heartbreak Hotel" b/w "Boogalie-Ooo" (CC-283). Released on the Crystol Clear label and produced by K.Kerropoulis. Ric penned the B side.
A BIG! Thank you to all that got back to us with the info on this, you know who you are much appreciated.

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billybadbum said...

Whether it was actually released as a single, I don't know, but 2SM used to play Vince Butchelli's heavily accented rendition of Max Merritt's "Slippin' Away" in the late '70s...