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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Post 449 - July 14th - Australian Bite LP

This band from Adelaide was put together by Terry Bradford, and the core members were Terry, Rod Ling and Robyn Habel with Tom Cowsill, Andrew Mills, Roy Ezinger and Brett Spilsbury joining at different stages. The name July 14th is made up from the birth date of three of the band members. The group's first single "Me and My Gun" did very well nationally and internationally. The release of the album "Australian Bite" was greatly anticipated and the album is described as an exciting performance record...highlighted the virtuoso talent of guitarist Rod Ling in the rich, crafted songs from the pen of Terry Bradford'. The group was commissioned to provide the tracks for two documentaries, the first for the ABC titled "Searching for Women's History" a 3 part documentary which was broadcast on national television. The second project was a US documentary on the Zanoni shipwreck off of Port Lincoln. Here to download is their first LP that doesn't feature the first single but does have its B side "We Kiss" "Australian Bite" (GPR-114). Released on Greasy Pop Records in 1985 and was produced by Jim Barbour & July 14th.


cliffsearch said...

Many thanks for this one....Cheers

jeff in sydney said...

great post OzzieMM. I have their first 45, but somehow missed this one. Greasy Pop, what a great indie label!

Wolfie Rankin said...

Hi there.

I couldn't seem to find a place to just post to you. I stumbled on your site and found "Mike Bradys - The Cube" which I was very pleased to find.

I have an online radio station which is still in the test phase at the moment, and I play retro and comedy.

I have a lot of music myself but love what you have.

Missing from your collection (apparently) are Col Elliott as Old Bull, The Digger. About a bloke who finds a little lost alien.

The Phantom Shuffle by Austin Tayshus, a song about The Phantom (the purple one who lives with a wolf named Devil).

And Barry Michaels, Who sang "I don't understand where I fit in" which was first played on Hey Heys Red Faces, and produced by Red Symons.

I have stacks of vinyl but don't have the means to get it into mp3 format, I've tried sliding it into the CD drive, but it doesn't seem to fit ;)

So it was great to find out that in some cases, you have already done that for me.

Wolfie Rankin
Twitter (at) Radio_Wolf

Fred Mosrite said...

I'm French, and Australian vinyl collector for 30 years
I discovered your blog today ... Wow! ... Many treasure!
Thank you for this album of "July 14th"... my old vinyl is used!
"Till We Meet Again" their second LP is one of my favorite albums ... if you have, can you get it online?

Thank you again for your Blog,
I continue to visit,

zuiop said...

I can post 45 A-side "Me & my gun", if needed.