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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Post 448 - Pat Carroll - All Kinds Of Everything / In Your World

Pat Carroll was born in 1946 in Melbourne. Carroll began her entertainment career at age eight when she started taking singing and dancing lessons. Appearances on children's TV shows followed by the time she was eleven years old. She continued by appearing in musical comedy shows such as Carnival and Bye Bye Birdie. This led to appearing on national Australian pop TV shows such as Brian Henderson's Bandstand and The Go!! Show when in her mid-teens. Her first 45 single "He's My Guy" was released when she was 18. In the mid 1960s Carroll and her friend Olivia Newton-John, formed a singing duo called Pat and Olivia. Having won a song contest in Melbourne, they travelled to the United Kingdom. They achieved some success there on TV and in the clubs. After a period of performing there, Carroll's visa expired, forcing her to return to Australia where she would eventually marry ex-Strangers member, John Farrar. Newton-John stayed on and launched her own international career. Carroll released a number of singles with W&G Records and Interfusion during the 1960s and early 1970s most of which failed to chart. Her most successful single in Australia was her cover of Dana's "All Kinds of Everything." However Carroll's best known single is "To the Sun" on account of its featuring Cliff Richard on backing vocals. In 1970, Farrar quit the Strangers and with Carroll, returned to London. During 70s and 80s, she often sang backing vocals on Olivia Newton-John's albums. She's currently living in Malibu (USA) with husband John Farrar, Here to download is her 1970 hit "All Kinds Of Everything" b/w "In Your World" (FB-004). The single was produced by John Farrar for Fable records.

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stonefish55 said...

Gotta give it to you - you keep coming up with artists I thought I'd forgotten about (probably repressed memory in some cases).

Keep up the good work OMM!!!