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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Post 462 - Set - Draggin' The Line / Sparkling Eyes

“Set” is one of those Aussie bands that there is no information out there anywhere it seems. Recorded in 1976 for Fable Records and produced by Warwick Thomas & Engineered by Kevin Kerr “Set” gave us a great cover of Tommy James’s 1971 hit “Draggin’ The Line” b/w “Sparkling Eyes” (FB-265). This is the only record “Set” ever recorded according to all my books but there is no entry of where the Band was based or any known members. Like I have said many other times with bands like this maybe someone out there in internet land knows something about these guys and will enlighten us more.


Tony Francis said...

Great to see OzzieMusicMan back, and what a terrific little obscurity to start with :-)

Nice one Ozzie!

Mort Adella said...

As Mr Francis said great song to start back with look forward to the next one in a years time LMAO.

Mort Adella said...
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