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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Post 471 - Doug Parkinson – Sailin’ (Sydney-Hobart) – Sailin’ (Sydney-Hobart)(Instrumental)

Douglas "Doug" Parkinson is an Australian singer who first came to fame with his band, Doug Parkinson In Focus, in 1969. He has had numerous hits on the Australian Top 40 charts. This single here for you is from 1984 “Sailin’ (Sydney-Hobart)” b/w “Sailin’ (Sydney-Hobart) (Instrumental)”
(OZ-1414) recorded on OZ Records. Produced by Peter J Martin who also co-wrote the song. The B side is credited to The Kites which I would assume was Doug’s backing band for this single. Engineered by Richard Lush and recorded at Paradise Studios, Sydney.


Tony Francis said...

Always great to hear Doug's voice.

Hingehead said...

I know session musos still waiting to be paid by parkinson from work in the 70s ;-)

PS link not working for me.

Tony Francis said...

I just clicked on the link and it worked fine. You are clicking on the title (stupid question, I know :-) )

AussieRock said...

A rarity indeed. It always amazes me how you come across these gems Gary.

Many thanks for the share and the opportunity to listen to another release by the great Doug Parkinson.