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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Post 465 - Ol'55 - Open Top Cars & Girls In Tight T-Shirts LP

There’s not much I haven’t already said about Ol’55 in resent posts, this LP released on J&B Records in 1986 holds a collection of 50 and 60’s classics done the Ol’55 way. The band at this time held Rock Pile Jones, Patrick Drummond, Terry Bellew, Geoff Plummer, Donny A. Dee and Mick Simmons. The LP was produced by Rich Griner and engineered by Joe Arthur. They also do a 1986 version of “This Little Girl” and “On The Prowl.” Drummer Geoff Plummer died on 2 February 2006.  Here to download is “Open Top Cars & Girls In Tight T-Shirts” (JB266).  

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