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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Post 507 - Factory – Live Until You Die - Shaggy Dog

Another one of those bands with not much info this is the only single they released in 1972 for Spin Records, a cover of an Emitt Rhodes recording. At first I thought this was a Perth band but thanks to some later info from George turns out they were a Sydney band. Chris Woodman from Perth took the band’s name with him to Sydney a few years later and formed this new band.  The single was produced by Gus McNeil. Here to download is Factory and their single “Live Until You Die” b/w “Shaggy Dog” (ek-4657). 


Anonymous said...

I grabbed this song because I'm writing the database on Perth bands 1960/70/80. There was a Perth band called Factory but lasted a few months in 1972. There was a Tom Andel in that Factory but none of then names match. I will ring Tom and ask him about this record but as I have interviewed him twice he never mentioned this record.

Also, as I was playing the A side, I started to recognise the song and that I had just recently played it a few times last week while playing my Emitt Rhodes album. here's the link to the original on youtube.

I will let you know what I find out about this Factory record.


Anonymous said...

The only member from Perth is Chris Woodman who took the name with him to Sydney a few years later and formed this new band. So this band is from NSW not Perth and 100% Tom Andel is not on this record.


Ozzie Music Man said...

Thanks George for your help with this, all fixed up now. Thanks again.


Kevin Allen said...

Factory was a Sydney band Singer Steve Bruce Keyboards Kate Manna Drums Frank Manna Bass Kevin Allen Guitar Garry Neaves Recorded at Festival studios Gus McNeil producer.
Kevin Allen

Jimmy McMaster said...

The original Factory formed in Perth in late 1971. Andel & Woodman moved to Sydney & formed a new line-up with Bruce & the Manna siblings. Andel & woodman left before the single was recorded & were replaced by Allen & Neaves.