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Monday, 19 May 2014

Post 510 - X-Ray-Z – Poor Image - Sledgehammer Hit - Citizen John

Formed in 1977 X-Ray-Z are recognised as one of Australian’s first new wave bands. The band had their roots in Adelaide band Rufus, which moved to Melbourne in early ’77. They renamed themselves X-Ray-Z and set out to make a name in the Melbourne pub scene. They supported Lou Reed in October of that year on his Aussie tour and then signed to Mushroom Records for a one off single “Poor Image” b/w “Sledgehammer Hit” – “Citizen John” (K-6951). The band members made up some picture sleeves for the single which they distributed to record shops themselves. In 1978 they signed up with Suicide Records for 3 tracks that they contributed to a Melbourne punk compilation “Lethal Weapons”. Before splitting X-Ray-Z recorded studio demos and live recordings which the Polyester label combined the 3 tracks from the single for the compilation X-Ray-Z.  Thanks to Hugh for giving me a copy of this single for the Blog a rare one indeed.  


Royboy said...

Only time I saw & heard X Ray Z was when they were a support act for Lou Reed at the Palais in 1977 or 1978. They were fantastic and only ever seen them on record on a sampler called Lethal Weapons. Like so many they fadedinto obscurity very quickly. Great to see this single thanks for upload

Marty said...

another one of those classic rarities that went almost unnoticed..thanks for sharing...Marty from