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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Post 512 - Dawn Dixon – Hand By Hand (Side By Side) – Don’t Look Away

I have been after this single for some time now, seen it a couple of times on EBay and both times it went for over $80 so when I saw it the other day for a “Buy Now” for $10 I jump on it right away. You don’t see many records you’ve been after for years for a buy it now.  You’ll find Dawns’ first single "Bouzouki” at post # 80. I must say I didn’t even know that Dawn released a 2nd single until I was asked about it a few years back and there is nothing at all in any of my books about her first single or this one. I think it’s a pity because the first time I heard “Bouzouki” I thought she had a sensational voice and a bigger pity she only release the two singles. I did contact Dawns’ son Michael and he asked her about this single and this is what he told him…… “Apparently Ron Tudor owner and producer of fable records requested mum release another song! He chose that number “Hand By Hand” recorded in 1973. It didn't get the promotion it deserved at the time. Unfortunately that’s all I have, that was the last song mum recorded! She continued to do the club circuit and cruise liners around the pacific! Continued singing on television until around 94 then worked with a 5 piece jazz band until 4 years ago. These days at 74 mum still sings once a month or so”
Here to download is that single “Hand By Hand (Side By Side)” b/w” Don’t Look Away” (FB-097). The single was produced by Geoff Hales. A big thanks to Dawn and Michael for the info on this single, I really appreciate your help. 

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kimbo said...

I first heard this on a compilation called ChartToppers released early 70s. Fantastic vocal. She entertained the troops in Vietnam during the 60s