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Monday, 2 February 2015

Post 558 - Tony Savage Band – Bye Bye Bluebird – Faster Than Lightning

This may well be my shortest notes on the Blog by far. Being a Vanda & Young composition I thought there would be something out there on this band but nothing, they appear in only one of my books and all it gives you is the name of the band and the song title well really not even that because the books says the song was Bye Bye Love, a big typo for sure. I haven’t even come across this label before “Living Sound “. The producer is Tony Savage and engineer Peter Hood and the single recorded in 1977 with Tony writing the B side. No band members no nothing. So enjoy these rare tracks “Bye Bye Bluebird” b/w “Faster Than Lightning” (LS-102901), I’d say until I find out different this was the only record released by this band.    mp3


Anonymous said...

A group called Australia issued their LP called Maiden Australia on the Living Sound label in 1976.

Tony Francis said...

Hey brother

I wonder if this could have been recorded by this guy while on tour in Australia:


Tony Francis said...

Actually, further to my last comment, I have just remembered where I saw this before.

Robin Wills posted it on his PurePop blog a few years ago.

He also had no info on the elusive Tony Savage, but a few comments appeared to offer some hope but fizzled out into nothing.

Unc said...

Hey Ozzie
Thanks for some great comps lately, especially Heart 'n' Soul. On Living Sound there's also
Dark Tan - Don't Stop It Now, Keep On Doing It / Kings of Soul (Superseded Rock & Roll) 102767
Bobbie Thomas - Take Me Higher / Can't Make It Without You 102798
Southern Cross - Queen Of Rock And Roll/Stormy Lady 102803
Australia - Australia Green And Cold / Superfish 102804
Frankie Davidson - Happy Anniversary / Music 102822
Trevor Knight - If I Had Time / Sunday Evening Girl 102823
Australia - Downtown Jivin' / Knowing You're There 102825
Diane Solomon - Cabot Cain Theme / Sooner Than We Know 102830
Jonathon James - Disco Duck / The Rest Of The Party 102831
Jewel Blanch - Teach The Children Love / Will I Ever Learn 102845
Australia - Honk If You're Horny / Knowing That You're There 102866
Julie Bower - I've Got Nothing To Lose / So In Love With You 102879
Australia - As Long As I'm Free / Rock And Roll 102908
Frankie Davidson - Da Do Da Dum Dum Dum / Wedding Vows 102909
Tracey-Ann Lee - Beginning's End / Born To Be Loved 102915
Rusty recently posted a great rip of a Living Sound Promo LP on Midoztouch 2, with some info about the label.