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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Post 559 - King Biscuit Time - A Beer And A Bex

This mini LP was sent to me from my friend Tim in Taree who found this gem in a second hand record shop. According to my books it was released in 1985 and they were a Sydney band. This is the only recording the band released, “A Beer and a Bex” (KBT-789) on Seahorse Productions. David Davies – guitar & vocals penned all four tracks, other members are Mark Elliott – sax, Larry Freidberg – drums, Rupert Jeans – guitar, Ralph Marshall – bass and Rada – keyboards. At this time that’s all there is on this great Rock/Blues band. After having a listen to this mini LP all it left me with is wanting more, a very good album indeed, like the man said “Do yourself a favour”. Thanks Tim.     mp3

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AussieRock said...

Just finished listening to this and what a brilliant band.
David Davies sounds so much like a young Mick Jagger it's not funny, and the guitar work by Rupert Jeans is amazing - great 'slick licks' and very, very cool.
Highly recommend this to anyone reading this !
Thanks so much for the share mate and thanks to Tim also