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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Post 564 - Peter Williams - Hey Hey W.A. - I Found Out Where It's At

This single had me bewildered couldn’t find a thing on it anywhere, so what does one do but ask the man himself. This is what Peter Williams wrote me…….
Hi Gary,
Great to hear from you, Hey Hey W.A, was a song we recorded as a promotional vehicle for WA sport etc!  It was recorded in '78 and financed by local Perth Nightclub owner Bob Maher and was meant to be a "localised" WA   "Come on Aussie Come On!" It ended up with moderate local success; I did an appearance promoting it on an Edition of Donnie Sutherland's "Sounds" show that was televised from W.A.!! The song was used in a local W.A. Election by the Liberal party, and also in the 150th W.A. Anniversary Telethon.

Thanks very much Peter for this info on this single much appreciated. And another Peter for giving me these singles to fix up for the Blog.   


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
try to find some place for the question but didn't find one so I leave my note her and hope somebody see it.
I live in Canada but have some interest for the music from your country. It was very nice to find your blog.
Maybe you can help me in some way. I looking one record from Australia dated by 79 or 80, Dark Tan. Please help me if you can, to find it (in LP or even mp3).
Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

Sorry this s my email:
Thank you again

Dexter said...

Hi can you post this again?It's been removed due to copyright issue on mediafire.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr Ozzie are you able to please re-up as Dexter (above comment) said.

Many thanks,