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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Post 560 - Margot Moir - Strong & Mighty

Margot Moir was the middle sister to Jean and Lesley Moir, who in 1974 had a #8 hit with “Good Morning How Are You” as the Moir Sisters. Margot also issued a solo single, “Scarlet Skies” b/w “Tightrope” in 1989, and album, “Strong And Mighty” (NEW2009 2) for New Market Music in 1996. Two names that popped out at me were Peter Cupples on backing vocals and Broderick Smith on harp, also on backing vocals Margot’s husband Claude Cesario and daughter Rae. Margot was also in big demand as a session backing vocalist, she was handpicked by John Farnham himself for the inaugural Whispering Jack tour. Recently she recorded and sang with the bands “Raymalane” and “Celtic Spirit. “For over 10 years.  Sadly Margot died on 26 January 2015 at age 56 at Royal Melbourne Hospital due to complications from long term diabetes.     mp3


woodynet said...

cheers Ozzie, new of it but had never seen it nor heard it. much appreciate the opportunity to do both.


AussieRock said...

Oh dear - how sad to hear that she has recently passed. Same age as myself which hits home even more.
Such a sad loss and condolences to her family and friends.
May she be remembered as being 'Strong & Mighty'

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to hear this news. I love their music, it influenced my life, rest in Peace Margot, lots of love.