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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Post 650 - Rod Boucher - Every Little Bit Of Australia - Technological Hero

Prior to his involvement with Good God Studio, Rod Boucher was a member of The Henchmen, a university folk band, then Buffalo Drive, a Rock band from Adelaide. He penned several commercial “hits” during that time including: “No Worries Luv”, (a timeless Aussie love song), “Money Stride” “The Yoohoo Song” and “Every Little Bit of Australia” b/w “Technological Hero” (MS 469) here for you to download. The single was produced by Chris Neal in 1980. Rod was known after Buffalo Drive as the guy who wrote and sang the Christian TV ads. He and his wife and 5 daughters relocated to England in the late 80's. His daughters are Danielle, Rebecca, Sunshine, Butterfly and Eden.  His 4th daughter Butterfly (real name) is now an international recording artist.Flac

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kimbo said...

Buffalo Drive was signed to the Polydor label. 'Lifes Been Good to Me' was probably their most known hit nationally