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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Post 655 - Barry Michael - I Don't Understand (Where I Fit In) - All To You

Barry Michael started playing guitar at twelve years of age. He grew up listening to Fats Waller, County swing and Top 40 pop music. In 1980 he took off to see the world. For three years he travelled around America and Europe before ending up in London, where he met two brothers who played in ‘The Incredible Kidda Band”, a post punk rock band. Barry immersed himself in the London music scene and started writing songs, playing live with their band, and doing solo spots in pubs and clubs. In 1986 he returned to Australia and performed on the national TV show “Hey It’s Saturday”, on the Red Faces segment. He won on the night and was called back to perform on the show. He soon signed to EMI Records Australia and released two singles. His song “I Don’t Understand Where I Fit In” b/w “All To You” (EMI.1812) was a top 40 hit nationally and top 10 in Victoria. I was impressed at Barry’s backing band for this single which included Gary Young and Wayne Duncan, Paul & Mike Grabowski, Red Symons, Virgil Donati and Margot Moir, Red Symons also produced the single. In 2012 Barry rerecorded the single as a swing song. He was trying to write a love song with a difference.  Flac

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stonefish55 said...

Geez mate - thank you so much for this track! I have searched high and low for it for years and didn't realise it'd even been released as a single. I couldn't remember Barry's name and searched every single fact I could find on Red Faces looking for a clue as to who he was or what the track was called - unsuccessfully.That's the trouble when you only get to see them sing a 30 second snippet on a television show. This has truly been a special find!!! I do recall that it was well received when he appeared on Red Faces and I think he actually won on the night - but he never had a face that was going to make it in pretty boy world, so I figured I'd probably never hear it again.