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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Post 652 - Daytime Actors - Dance To The Beat - Got To Run

This single “Dance To The Beat” b/w “Got To Run” (TS 701) by the Daytime Actors was their first single in 1985 released on Top Shelf Records. The second single can be found on Post # 180 along with what little info I could find at the time. One thing that has me thinking is that according to all my books the band was formed in 1986 but this single came out in 1985, interesting don’t you think? Flac

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Daytime Actors was a band that was around in the early 80s under a different name - Nightwatch. They played the local pub scene until new management jazzed them up as the DTAs. So yeah they were definitely "together" in 85.