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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Post 651 - Liv Maessen & Jimmy Hannan - Love Is For The Two Of Us - Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Babe

Liv Maessen and Jimmy Hannan had a go at a duet in 1971. It made no impact on the charts..."Love Is For The Two Of Us" b/w “Did You Give The World Some Love Today Babe” (FB-092) The single was produced by Geoff Hales for Fable Records. The A side was penned by Taku Izumi & Michio Yamagami and was given English lyrics by Sydney Lee. It also seems the Original version was sung in 1967 by Naomi Sagara and its original title: “The world is a thing for beloved two lovers”. Further research finds that the original English version was performed by Rene & Rene, a Latin pop duo from Texas.  Thanks to Doug Smith and Matt Gleeson from the “Milesago” FB page, for their good sleuthing for more info on this song.  On a personal note back in our radio days Mrs Ozzie myself and Graham were given a copy of this single to fix up for air play. The single was in pretty bad shape and after many hours of running through many computer programs I guess you could say we got it presentable enough to play on air. It has taken me about 4 years or more to find a copy to fix up again, so here’s hoping this will put the nightmares and demons to bed, “you had to be there”!!! Flac


Maz said...

Ah yes...... I remember Graham playing that thing on air.... quite a legend - the horrors of Liv Maessen..... no offense to Liv Maessen, but that single was in terrible shape!

Anonymous said...

This has actually been on CD - Tom in Newcastle