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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Post 674 - Naturally Free - Original Soundtrack

In 1974 Ken Anderson booked the Sydney Opera House for the Australian premier of “Naturally Free “. It was a sell-out and received great publicity but he wasn't happy and re-edited the movie. In 1975, the rehash was re-released by MGM/BEF but there was a massive oversight. This G rated movie had its resurgence at Sydney's Kings Cross. Not a 'General Rated' environment for those in the 'know'. It faltered. It stumbled. It almost fell on its face until a South Australian theater in Goodwood took up its release. The movie took off with people lined up around the block. After that, everyone wanted it. Even a drive-in in Queensland had its screen blown down by a cyclone; after a lot of hard work to repair the screen, the drive-in managed to open for three days and broke all records. It was also popular in New Zealand and the USA. “Naturally Free” (NLF-001) Soundtrack was released on APLA Records in 1975; it featured music from “Avenue”, “Justice” and “The Squeeze”. John Laws narrated the film which featured the top motorcyclists from around the world. Thanks again to Rex for this LP for me to fix up. Flac

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Anonymous said...

Excellent restoration job, sounds better than my old vinyl!