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Friday, 24 April 2009

Post 93 - Love Machine - Keep Searchin' / May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone

The Black Diamonds hailed from Lithgow NSW, west of Sydney.  Their name denoted those origins with Lithgow being a prominent coal-mining town. In late 1966 they achieved a remarkable feat when they signed a recording deal with Festival, making them the first pop band from the NSW Central West to get a record deal.  They were also one of the first regional bands anywhere in Australia to be signed to a major label contract without becoming established in a capital city. By this time they had a strong following in the Central West and their own fan club, based here in Orange, started by local girls Bernadette Kelly and Clelia Calvo. In 1968 the band changed its name to Tymepiece and they moved to Sydney. It was at this time that Pat Aulton approached them to record a version of The Tokens' "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" to promote the opening of Stafford Bullen's African Lion Safari at Warragamba, NSW. For the purposes of this single the group worked under the name The Love Machine. The song was a hit, but the band members then returned on to their own music, although Pat continued releasing material under the Love Machine name, using different musicians, until 1970. So the big question is, who actually were the band members on this track.  Maybe Bernadette or Clelia could shed some light on the topic.  The single here for you to download is out of 1969 produced by Pat Aulton is the cover of Del Shannon's "Keep Searchin'" b/w "May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone" (FK-2750).

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