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Monday, 27 April 2009

Post 95 - Mother Goose - I Think It's You / Ol' Blue

Originating from Dunedin N.Z. in November 1975. Mother Goose were six rock musicians who wanted to play rock music. But they didn't want to be part of the regular 70's style around at the time. So to be different they decked themselves in hideous costumes, labelled themselves with the dumbest name they could think of and started playing in pubs. The group decided in October 1976 to head across to Australia. They arrived in Sydney and began working. They were spotted by Garry Spry, who was so impressed by their act that he took over their management and moved them down to Melbourne. The group was signed by Mushroom Records and their first single "Baked Beans" was released midway through 1977. In August 1977, their first album Stuffed was released. They had a major breakthrough in March 1978 when manager Garry Spry returned from a trip to the US, with news that he had successfully negotiated overseas record deals. Their final Australian show before leaving for L.A. was at the Dallas Brooks Hall in Melbourne on May 28th. In the US, the band settled in Hollywood and had their own recording studio. They were to record an album for Scotti Brothers but the band was not happy with the contract and refused to be just another American pop group, so they moved to New York. There they quickly became a major rock club draw card. But contractual battles between management companies on each side of America and the bands refusal to become a disco group prevented them from securing a major recording contract on their terms.  They returned to Australia in February 1979 with new American member Justin McCarthy. He replaced Pete Dickson on lead guitar. While they had been away, a single "I Think It's You" b/w "Ol' Blue" (K-7126) was released in June 1978. In October 1979, Mother Goose returned to New Zealand for a three week tour which was followed by an Australian tour to promote the release of their second album called Don't Believe In Fairytales. Their third and final album was in June 1982 and was called This Is The Life. In early 1983 Justin McCarthy returned to New York. They continued touring Australia and Canada until they called it a day in 1985. I have all the Mother Goose LP's and this single and it's B side has never appeared on any of them and I'm sure has never been on CD. So here is that 1978 single and it's 7 min. B side for your downloading pleasure, enjoy.

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Guy said...

Thanks heaps for this Ozzie - I saw them play several gigs at LaTrobe Uni in 1977 (My 1st year a Uni was a ball) and just loved their stage show. Just loved their music and their antics. Looking forward to hearing this track for the first time.