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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Post 96 - Rick Springfield - Streakin' Across The U.S.A. / Music To Streak By

Here for you to download is the second installment of Rick's streaking phase. "Streakin' Across The U.S.A. / Music To Streak By" was the U.S. version of post #87 "Streaking The Australian Way". Both songs were recorded in 1974 with different lyrics to suit the two countries. This version was recorded on Columbia/CBS, produced by Robie Porter. "Streakin' Across The U.S.A." b/w" Music To Streak By" (4-46032) was credited on the label as Rick Springfield & Springfield Mass and the B side credited to Springfield Mass, I've searched and searched in books, on the internet and anything else I could think of and for the life of me can't find out anything on the Springfield Mass name but not giving up yet. The only other time I've seen the name Springfield Mass is on the B side of his 1974 Australian single "Mission Magic" with the A side as Rick Springfield and the B side "Music To Streak By" as YES you guessed it Springfield Mass. Thanks to Peter for this track.


Rick B said...

Found a tidbit on the group called Springfield Mass here:

jamie said...

Been finding some gems here.
Especially impressed that all your links are working!!
Thanks for your efforts.
I've just grabbed these Rick S singles - top pop stuff.
Never heard the 'streaking' songs before.