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Monday, 27 April 2009

Post 94 - Frank Howson - Killing Ourselves / Boogie Street

Frank Howson was born in 1952 in Melbourne.  Legendary DJ Stan Rofe signed Howson to a recording deal and produced his first single: "Seventeen Ain't Young" / "Hide and seek" in 1969 who was seventeen during recording.  It became a Top 40 hit in Melbourne. Barry, Adams and Barkan who penned the tracks were all involved in The Archies and both songs were on their first album, The Archies. In 1977 Howson took a demo tape by The Ferrets to Molly Meldrum who signed them to Mushroom Records.  They achieved a 1977 #2 hit single "Don't Fall In Love" from their début album Dreams of a Love which went Gold. It contains the Howson and Schofield song "Killing Ourselves". Howson recorded his own version in 1978 produced by Billy Miller of The Ferrets.  Here for you to download is his version of "Killing Ourselves b/w Boogie Street" (K7228) on Mushroom Records.

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