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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Post 99 - Joe Dolce - Vaffanculo Polka

Written by Joe Dolce & Rosa Colosimo "Vaffanculo Polka" from the film Blowing Hot And Cold. Very much in the Aussie vernacular, Marc Gracie’s first film is a low budget comedy that starts off well enough with wacky Sicilian Nino (Joe Dolce, somewhere between Chico Marx and Roberto Begnini) arriving in the life of Jack (Peter Adams) who runs a one-man petrol station in the boondocks of Central Victoria. The single recorded at Quicklik Studios, Elwood in 1988 was produced by Joe Dolce for Musicland records. Here for you to download is that single and it's instrumental B side of the same song "Vaffanculo Polka" (MUS SP2004)

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