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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Post 141 - The Bay City Union - Mo'reen / Mary Mary

Matt Taylor's first band, The Bay City Union, was formed in March 1966 and was one of Australia's first traditional Chicago blues bands. They released one single for Festival Records, in April 1968 before breaking up in July 1968 due to a lack of interest in blues bands. The single being "Mo'reen"/"Mary Mary," (FK-2284) which went to #32 in Melbourne. The A side was written by American singer Mark Lindsay and Terry Melcher and the B side was a cover of Mike Nesmith's song. Terry Melcher was Doris Day's son. In the short life of this band there was a turnover rate of 15 members per the two years they were together with member such as Trevor Bagnall (bass), Jimmy Brelsford (Moose Malone, guitar), Tony Buettel (Fraternity,Band Of Light,Band Of Talabene,Levi Smith's Clefs,drums), Matt Croke (guitar), Brian Hayes (guitar), Paul Johnson (Mr.Floppy, Levi Smith's Clefs,Vocals & Harmonica), John McInerney (69's, Grand Junction, drums), Phil Manning (Chain, Band Of Talabene, guitar), Joey Masotano (keyboards), Peter Miles (Bulldog, drums), Matt Taylor (Chain,Western Flyer,Meating,Vocals & Harmonica), Glen Wheatley (Purple Hearts, The Masters Apprentices, bass), Paul Wyld (Throb,69's,One Ton Gypsy,Blackfeather, Keyboards), Neil Young (Chants R'n'B, bass) and Col Mahoney (drums). Here to download is their one and only single and a big thank you to Micko for the B side.


Deutros said...

Thanks Ozzie great little single

BigGray said...

Thanks Ozzie, never heard the b-side before.

'60s said...

Hi Ozzie,

Paul Johnson was the vocallist for another Brisbane group before this one - The Down & Out.

This combo (The Down & Out c.1965/66) were immortalised on It's A Kave In.

Also two sets of brothers played in this group, one set played in The Kodiacs, with Ross D. Wyllie in 63/64. I will have an indepth article in Ain't Got No Feelin' #5 for next year, an all out Brisbane issue.