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Monday, 24 August 2009

Post 147 - Marc Hunter - Communication LP

Marc Hunter born in Taumarunui, New Zealand, was a rock singer best known as the lead vocalist with Dragon, a band formed by his older brother Todd in Auckland, New Zealand. The band moved to Sydney in 1975 and became one of Australia's biggest selling bands. Hunter developed a serious heroin addiction. Recklessly outspoken and volatile on stage, during the band's 1978 US tour he called the audience faggots at a show in Texas. The following year, he was fired from the band. Hunter bounced back immediately with his 1979 solo album "Fiji Bitter". For you to download is Marc's 1985 LP "Communication" (827 233-1) recorded for PolyGram. Appearing on this album are Mark Punch guitar - (Cool Bananas, Renee Geyer Band), Mark Kennedy drums - (Doug Parkinsin Southern Stat Band, Friends, Renee Geyer Band, Spectrum King Harvest, Foucs, Ayers Rock, Men At Work, Kevin Borich Express), Todd Hunter bass - (Dragon Headhunters), Alan Mansfield keyboards - (Dragon), Geoff Oakes sax - ( Heart ‘n’ Soul,), Wendy Mathews, Kirk L’Orange guitar - (Chasing The Train, Mudhead) , Peter Grimwood guitar - (Dragon) , Jeff Baxter guitar - (The Stetsons), Rick Chadwick piano - (Full Marks), Phil Scorgie bass - (Devotions), Clive Harrison bass - (Avalanche, Bootleg Family, Kush), Don Walker piano - (Cold Chisel, Catfish), Ian Moss guitar - (Cold Chisel, Catfish), Horrie Dargie - harmonica, Tony Buchanan sax - (Cool Bananas, The Joy Boys), Steve Howsden guitar (Little River Band, Renee Geyer, Marcia Hines) , Rex Bullen keyboards - (Blackfeather, Jim Keays Southern Cross, Bakery), Rick Fataar drums - (Yothu Yindi, Catfish, The Monitors), Brain Hamilton bass - (Wendy & The Rockets). Marc's years of hard living caught up with him and he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1997 and could no longer perform or tour. For the last few months of his life, Hunter underwent various forms of treatment including several alternative medicine remedies but none were successful and he died in Kiama on July 17, 1998. Thanks to Matt for supplying this LP for us to clean up and post here.


Perplexio said...

Is this LP still available for download anywhere? I'm an American with a love of Aussie/Kiwi music/bands. I'd love to download and listen to this one.


Hi Perplexio. Just click on the Header of the post. It is a link that takes you to Megaupload to download the LP.

Perplexio said...

Thank you, tremendously appreciated. Will do!

Perplexio said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I've been listening to it quite a lot lately. It's quite an enjoyable album. The odd thing is that there's kind of a generic familiarity to it. The songs make me wistful and nostalgic for Australia in the mid-80s... but in the 80s I was just a young boy... in the USA. I'd never heard this album before I downloaded it but there's something intangibly familiar about it. I also found Marc's Fiji Bitter album over on I've been trying to find his Big City Talk album with no luck. Any idea where I might be able to find that one?

Oh and thanks for the link on the Guy McDonough album. That was thoroughly enjoyable too. The song Memory that closes that album gave me chills there's an eerie beauty to it (especially in light of McDonough's untimely passing).