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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Post 146 - Uncanny X-Men - Start Believing / Sullivans

The band signed with CBS Records after leaving Mushroom in 1986.This was the 4th single release from their 1986 CBS album “What You Give Is What You Get“, which peaked at #11 in November of that year. The single peaked at #63. Internal tensions occurred so they disbanded in 1987, although there was a brief reunion during 1998. Here to download is that single with its non album B side “Start Believing" b/w "Sullivans" (650440 7)


Deutros said...

Hi Ozzie and Mrs. Ozzie you wouldn't have the covers for this one?


Yes Deutros have the cover will scan and upload tonight, by the way lost your email address could you contact me via mine please :)

Tony said...

Hey Ozzie

Thanks so much for this one, not for the A side so much, but for the B side which was an absolute standout in their live set, and one that has stayed in my head for over 30 years. It was great to be able to sing along with those immortal lines:
"Kitty Sullivan's alright, she listens to The Sex Pistols every night, and Grace is dead, Grace is dead, Grace is dead."