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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Post 144 - Pat Wilson & Her Daddy O - Tacky / Tacky Too

Post #32 we gave you the extended version of "Bop Girl" and on post #62 we gave you Pat's mini LP Strong Love. Now for the only other Pat Wilson recording that I know of are the two B sides of her singles "Tacky" (0-259850) 1983 the B side of "Bop Girl" and "Tacky Too" (7-259578) 1984 the B side of "Strong Love" which has Ross Wilson doing the lead vocals and going by the name of Daddy O. Here to download are those two B sides released on WEA Records. I and Mrs. Ozzie Music Man recently had the opportunity to meet both Pat and Ross and even got an invite to Pat’s southern style bbq at her cafĂ©. Both were extremely approachable and simply fascinating.

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