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Friday, 10 September 2010

Post 283 - Johnny "Aldo" Lockwood - No. 96 / In My Deli

Johnny Lockwood was born on 7th of December 1920 in London. He is an Australian-based actor and comedy performer, possibly best known for his role in the 1970's television soap opera Number 96, playing Aldo Godolfus. Lockwood came to Australia in 1957 for a ten-week run with the Tivoli Theatre circuit, however after that job finished he remained in Australia for five years. Returned to the UK to play Fagin in Lionel Bart's Oliver! at the New Theatre but once that run finished Lockwood followed his yearnings and returned permanently to Australia. Lockwood spent a year with television series Sunnyside Up then went to the U.S. to perform in Las Vegas and returned to Australia for a two-year run with classic comedy series The Mavis Bramston Show. The role in Number 96 followed in 1972. Lockwood was an original cast member of the series and his character, bumbling Jewish proprietor Aldo Godolfus, was one of the show's most well known and recognised figures. The character was killed off in a dramatic revamp of the series - the infamous bomb blast storyline - in September 1975. Here to download is a single Johnny recorded in the Number 96 period as did Abigail, Joe Hasham and Pat McDonald and Ron Shand. The single was released in 1972 on Banner Records "No. 96" b/w "In My Deli" (BNK-4909). It was penned by Clyde Collins with the B side penned by Collins & Sandy Garrick. The record was produced by Sandy Garrick at Festival Studios Sydney. In the early 2000's Lockwood continued to make television and film appearances including roles in Moulin Rouge! And miniseries The Potato Factory.

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